Do you want to try a prostate massage?

Don’t be embarrassed, you’re not the only one.

The numbers of both men and women who are interested in knowing more and trying prostate massages have increased significantly in 2018. In the past, anything to do with a man’s backside was often attached with being gay, or only women received the odd finger up the bum. Luckily, we live in a society and generation that are much more open and who love equality, therefore straight men are hopping on the prostate bandwagon now too.

Much of the popularity surrounding prostate massages are due to it mysterious and intriguing nature. As not many men have tried it with their partner and are too embarrassed or nervous to ask about it. Therefore, it upholds a secretive aura which only entices men to want to try it even more because hey, everyone loves dipping into the unknown (or the bum-hole for this matter). I interviewed a masseuse from our parlour and asked her about prostate massages, which she responded “So many of my clients who previously shunned the thought of being the recipient of any sort of anal play have recently asked me about it. I have been doing prostate massages for around 5 years and for sure, my numbers have increased in the last year. This makes me happy as men don’t realise how it can help their health as well as being “.

Prostate massages

Open a whole new realm of pleasure and sexual satisfaction for males and their partners and you can learn a lot about your body when receiving one. Therefore, men should eliminate the mindset that it will make them less masculine or homosexual and start to embrace the positive things it can do for them. The only way to truly find out if you like it or are comfortable with it is by trying it.

Evidentially, prostate massages are hugely beneficial for both your health and sexual satisfaction. It is clear that it is something that should be enjoyed by all! As long as you do your research, prepare for it properly, take it slowly and use lubricant, you will have an amazing time.

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