nuru massage
30 min1300 kč54 €65 $
60 min1800 Kč75 €90 $
90 min2500 Kč105 €125 $
120 min3500 Kč146 €175 $

What is Nuru massage and what benefits it can give you?

If you look for new experience and want to enjoy a relaxing massage, Nuru is an excellent option for you. This variation of the body on body massage has Japanese origin and some peculiarities. Let’s find out more about its bonuses for your health and body.

The masseuse must be very skilled and experienced in this field because she makes a massage with the whole body. First of all, she carefully applies special Nuru oil on the man’s body. It is entirely natural and exerts a healing effect on skin.

After this, the girl gently and actively massages man’s body parts including intimate areas with her naked body. It is very pleasant and relaxing procedure. You will feel the new energy coming from inside. Moreover, you will enjoy the amazing view of an attractive masseuse and have the opportunity to fondle her skin, hair, and other tempting body parts.

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